Islington Garden

The Brief: A typical long, narrow garden in Islington had become a builder’s yard while the property was being remodelled by Llowarch and Llowarch Architects. The existing garden was quite shady, with two trees, overgrown ivy, and some oversized and leggy shrubs competing for light.

The Solution: The garden was always an important part of the client’s home and the new design sought to recapture the tranquil feel of the original garden. The curvy design was based on interlocking circles centred on the unusual fastigiate oak tree. More light is allowed into the garden by removing the overgrown ivy and shrubs and a full width circular lawn helps ‘widen’ and open up the space. The boundaries are neatened with clean lines of cedar trellis and the new planting scheme is more in scale and proportion with the garden, allowing for greater variety and interest throughout the year. A floating bench on the patio makes the most of the sunniest spot, while a granite sett circle at the end of the garden catches the last rays of the day.

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